The God Files is a blog I originally started on blogspot in 2009.  It was a way for me to seek answers about Christianity’s difficult questions, encourage my friends in Christ, and try to analyze the difficulties and shortcomings of the modern-day church.  Since I started that blog, my faith has grown and my understanding of Christianity has matured and evolved.

These are the three main genres I will be discussing in The God Files:

1) Researching controversial topics in the Bible

2) Commenting on the pros and cons of popular trends in Christianity

3) Book reviews of Christian fiction and non-fiction books

My modus operandi is to research things thoroughly and in an unbiased manner.  I’m not interested in pushing anything on you.  You might have a difficult time trusting what I have to say, and there might be times when you flat-out disagree with me.  That’s okay.  In fact, I’d rather you read what I say and carefully analyze it and pray about it before you accept it as something you agree with.  I believe that Christ followers should be able to respectfully share their ideas with each other and disagree.  The point is not to be “right” for the sake of being right, the point is to serve Christ and seek Truth.

I consider myself a nondenominational Christian.  I believe in the basic tenants of Christianity, which you can find in my Statement of Faith or in the posted Gospel message.  It’s important to know the beliefs of the person who is trying to teach about Christ.   If you ever have questions for me, please feel free to email me at thegodfiles@gmail.com.


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