About the Author

Nicole Davis in a nutshell

I can categorize myself in a few ways: INFJ, college grad, married, childless (do guinea pigs count?), Christian, working for an awesome web design agency in Memphis called Speak Creative, and a free-lance professional cellist.  I’m incredibly blessed.

How I came to know Christ

I grew up flirting with the idea of Christianity as a child, but I didn’t really give my life over to Christ until I got to college.  I joined a Bible study that changed my life.  I became very highly involved in my college’s chapter of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.  My school is a very small liberal arts school, so it was a blessing to find so many friends and colleagues who wanted to pursue God.  The friends I made in college are like blood relatives to me, and more importantly, they’re my brothers and sisters in Christ.


I graduated from one of the world’s best music conservatories and I am really privileged to have attended.  My degree is in cello performance, but I also have a certificate in an Arts Leadership Program.  I don’t have any formal training in writing or in theology, but I am an avid researcher and I strive to be unbiased.


I worked for an amazing non-profit arts organization (Memphis Symphony Orchestra) that creates meaningful experiences through music.  I currently work at an awesome web design agency in Memphis called Speak Creative. I keep up my cello playing through freelance gigs and teaching.  I am the choir director at Christian Brothers University. I love what I do, and I’m blessed to have great colleagues.


My hubby and I have been married over two years.  We both look like we’re at lot younger than we really are!   He and I met when we were 13 during Youth Orchestra.  We both played the cello, so naturally we were friendly rivals.  Even though he was homeschooled, he started to come to my high school for music classes.  We became best friends and high school sweethearts.  We had a long distance engagement all through college.  I was attending school in New York, and he was in Tennessee.  After four years of being separated, we got married on June 18 in Orlando, Florida, where we grew up and met.  We had a beautiful wedding with our friends and family and we’ve been extremely happy ever since. He is about to fulfill his dreams and start medical school at the University of Tennessee in Memphis. I couldn’t be prouder of him! He works for Christian Brothers University as a Resident Director, so he and I live on a college campus and have lots of fun with the students.



I had two guinea pigs named Frasier and Niles (yes, after the TV show).  They’re both girls, but my husband made me promise that if we got two pigs, regardless of the gender, we’d have to name them Niles and Frasier.  I didn’t mind so much.  Their personalities actually match that of the characters.  The white one is Niles, the dark crazy-haired one is Frasier. They’re with a friendly family while I live on the college campus.

One day I’ll have a big, friendly dog.  But for now, I’ve got a beta fish named Luna Lovegood.



Twitter: www.twitter.com/thegodfiles

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thegodfiles


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