Geeking out on books!

I totally geeked out today by attending the International Christian Retail Show for a few hours. My father-in-law and sister-in-law, Bryan and Amanda Davis, are published authors with AMG Publishers. (Check out their books, they are awesome!)

It was really awesome to meet so many authors while I was at ICRS. If you’re in St. Louis next year, I encourage you to attend!  Many of them told me that it took years for them to publish their books. I was struck by their dedication and touched by their willingness to let God use their journeys to impact so many lives. This really ties in to the message God’s placed on my heart, which is using our gifts and careers to glorify God. I look forward to reading all of the news books I’ve received, and hopefully soon I’ll have a few new blog posts for you!


About Nicole Cragin Davis

Mostly I'm good at inspiring the beauty in chaos to prevail. Also I really like pancakes.

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  1. Can’t wait to hear what new books you got!

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